Alodo Adonis DOGUE

Alodo Adonis DOGUE

CEO & Founder, CX Traders

En poste chez Smart & Autonomous House System (SAHS), AIESEC BENIN / GHANA / LIBERIA / KENYA, CX Traders

Précédents : ONG "Share" & Carrefour international de l'innovation a Cotonou (CINC), EWORBIZ & Africa Mega Products



Précédents : Ecole Supérieure De Génie Civil VERECHAGUINE A-K


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    Alodo Adonis DOGUE is a young inventor and entrepreneur from Benin republic who envisions a future as world of innovation and technology, where every human being is able to wealth and costumize its life by its own way. As a civil engineer and architect, Alodo began his study of architecture and construction with the dream of future cities builder and earning his bachelor in july 2010; and then, went on to study project management. Committed to promoting his own inventions as well as the technological and entrepreneurial innovations of his peers, and solving the society issues such as energetic needs, clean water needs, local and international trade gaps and sicknesses etc, Alodo focuses his energy on his researches, as well as his business interests. Adonis was awarded Best member of the International Organization AIESEC in Benin, in which capacity, after some other remarkable implications he has been selected as National Director in charge of Projects in Liberia to provide pratical leadership and professional experiences to young volunteers and then attended at numerous international conferences for the promotion of African innovation and youth entrepreneurship.  As Inventor and promoter of the SAHS (Smart and Autonomous Houses Systems) Smart House Project and Founder of CXTraders, a firm engaged in online trade market, Alodo tooks part of several workshops and conferences and wants the international community to benefit from his works, for a better future, for the next generation.


CEO & Founder

Chez CX Traders

De décembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
The African market remains highly fragmented, preventing enormous opportunities for cross-border trade. Effective regional and African integration is more than simply removing tariffs. It is about addressing the barriers that undermine the daily operations of ordinary producers and traders of both ...
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Vice president Business & Development / Expansion Manager / National Director Projects


De mars 2013 à aujourd'hui
AIESEC is an International Organization that provides its members with the opportunity to have an integrated leadership experience comprised of community development projects, international conferences and exchange programs across the globe with the ultimate aim of making a positive impact on ...
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Chez Smart & Autonomous House System (SAHS)

De janvier 2013 à aujourd'hui
In the wake of the greenhouse effect and global energy crisis, finding sources of clean, alternative energy and developing everyday life applications have become urgent tasks. In the wake of the greenhouse effect and global energy crisis, the dawn of the 21st century has forced the world to ...
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Assistant Project Manager & Architecte designer

Chez ONG "Share" & Carrefour international de l'innovation a Cotonou (CINC)

De septembre 2011 à mars 2013
"Le Carrefour International de l'Innovation a Cotonou" 2013 edition has been a project of approximately $450.000 dollars, involving over 70 innovators, creators and producers across 12 Africans countries and investors came from several countries of the world. It has aimed to promote and help each ...
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Associate Partner & Business Manager

Chez EWORBIZ & Africa Mega Products

De janvier 2011 à mars 2012
EWORBIZ & Africa Mega Productions (e-commerce company for innovators, producers and trade promotion and empowerment) Main activities at this post: Manage and promote operation of startup’s market brand, Generate and develop market strategies to increase and attract partners, Plan and execute ...
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